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Technical Writing
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I offer technical writing, marketing writing, editorial services, and web site design.  I specialize in quick, small jobs, including updating of high-tech manuals, data sheets, product application notes, press releases, trade articles, sales and other business letters, and electronic print documents.

If you're outsourcing your technical writing projects, I am your solution. Whether you need some well-written technical information, business letters and attention-grabbing resumes, or entire or re-worked Web site content, I will create it from start to finish.  I will work with you electronically for quick turn-around to meet your deadlines, providing fast, accurate materials with your company's standards.


Let's face it. The modern corporate world is dotted with inconsistencies. "Downsizing," "layoffs" and "corporate restructuring" describe trends pushing their way into the business world, threatening your success.

At the same time, competition in the business realm is rising. Customers are demanding more attention. Communication is pivotal. Only those companies effectively reaching their customers will survive.

So how do businesses save money, compete with similar businesses, and also reach their customers? Quite simply, how do companies effectively communicate and still meet their bottom line? Have you considered hiring a freelancer?

A freelance writer offers numerous creative advantages. The biggest benefit I offer is professional-quality work at tremendous savings.

*  Unlike traditional employees, you do not pay freelancers a salary with benefits, vacation pay, or sick leave. This saves you money.

*  You hire freelancers only on a project basis, using their services when it is convenient for YOU.

*  A freelancer provides expertise, effectively helping you communicate with customers and thereby compete with other companies.

*  Freelancers improve your bottom line, enhance your image, increase your efficiency, and make your life easier.


I know that reaching your customers is crucial to your success. That's why I offer a diverse range of writing and editing services all custom-tailored to your specific communication needs.

I am here to assist you every step of the way, providing both creative insight and professional experience. And I do all this at a tremendous value. That goes right back to your bottom line...

Quality work at affordable prices. Where else could you find these?

For fast, small, odds 'n ends jobs, contact job is too small!

Together, we can do great things! — Whether you desire the information products I have available, or my technical writing skills, if you contact me, we can work out a way for both

of us to benefit!

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